Environmental Protection

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

VISION: Preserving our culture by connecting our Tribal Citizens to their natural resources.

MISSION: To protect and restore the natural environment, and the health and welfare of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community for present and future generations.


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The Swinomish Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) staff, other departmental collaborators, and members of our oversight Environmental & Lands Committee. Our environmental protection functions include ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT in the following subjects:


DEP Staff & Titles: Environmental & Lands Committee:
  • Mitchell, Todd: Environmental Director
  • Bock, Heidi: Water Resources Technician
  • Casper, Nicole: Water Resources Manager
  • Cowles, Caanan, Environmental Complianace Manager
  • Dagley, Dennis: Noxious Weeds Technician
  • Dan Jr, Dean: Environmental Education Instructor Intern
  • Jefferson, Alisha, Environmental Technician Intern
  • Kasayuli, Brendon, Water Quality Technician
  • Larson, Kelsey: Air Quality Specialist
  • Logan, Lindsay Thomason: Environmental Technician
  • Pitz, Andrea: Water Quality Technician
  • Quintasket, Joe: Environmental Management Specialist
  • Ritchie, Catey, Environmental Specialist, Shorelines
  • Roberts, Caitlin: Air Quality Technician
  • Stewart, Shannon: Water Resources Analyst
  • Thompson, Jason: Water Quality Specialist
  • Willup, Jen: Environmental Education Instructor
  • VACANT: Conservation Technician Intern
  • VACANT: Forester
  • Mitchell, Karen, Hydrogeologist- Land Mgmt Dept
  • Jackson, Arlene Dilts, Grants Manager- Grants Dept
  • Joe Williams, Chair
  • Kevin Paul, Vice-Chair
  • Charlie Edwards
  • Eric Day
  • Alana Quintasket
  • Elissa Kalla, Advisor
  • Todd Mitchell, Advisor
  • Amy Trainer, Advisor
  • Steve Edwards, Ex-Officio
  • Lauren Henry, Attorney
  • Weston LeMay, Attorney
  • Lindsay Logan, Recording Secretary
  • Arlene Dilts Jackson, Technical Advisor

Protect Mother Earth Subcommittee:

  • Shelly Vendiola
  • Todd Mitchell
  • Caroline Edwards
  • Brian Wilbur
  • Janie Beasley
  • Laura Kasayuli
  • Tara Satushek
  • Diane Vendiola
  • Jen Willup
  • Lindy Hunter, Advisor
  • Heidi Bock, Advisor
  • Andrea Pitz, Advisor
  • Lindsay Logan, Recording Secretary



Environmental Protection


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