Air Quality

The Swinomish Air Quality Program participates in local, regional and national partnerships dedicated to enhancing native sovereignty over tribal airsheds. We are in the process of developing long-term strategies for regulation development to protect the air quality on the Swinomish Reservation.

Current Ambient Air Quality Projects

Real time continuous Criteria pollution monitoring near industrial sources:

Real time continuous meteorological monitoring near industrial sources and in the Tribal village

Opacity evaluations of on- and off-reservation pollution sources.

Current Indoor Air Quality Projects

- Indoor air quality home assessments are conducted at the request of Tribal members and staff on and off reservation.

- In coordination with the medical clinic, indoor air quality assessments may be requested by medical personnel when patients aren't responding to medication as expected.

- In coordination with the Swinomish Housing Authority, we assess homes being renovated in order to provide the housing personnel indoor air quality information to enhance their renovations and make tribal homes healthier.

- Tribal facilities are frequently assessed to ensure good indoor air quality.

Air Quality


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