Brownfields Public Record

Last updated 3/29/2023

The EPA requires Brownfields Tribal Response Programs (TRP) to maintain a Public Record available to community members. The Brownfields Public Record must contain a list of all sites assessed or that have had response actions planned or undertaken by the program. There are three sub-categories of records within the TRP: inventory, site specific actions, and quality assurance.


An inventory includes the timely survey of known and suspected brownfields sites. This includes sites where cleanup actions have occurred, brownfields are suspected, or other known brownfield sites.

Survey of known and suspected brownfields site

Site Specific Actions

Site Specific Actions include Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Cleanup Actions.

Phase I ESA
Phase I ESAs are initial investigations into possible signs of contamination or environmental concerns at a site. Phase I ESAs include a review of the records about the site, interviews with those knowledgeable about the site and its operation, and a field visit to look for signs of environmental concerns. A phase I ESA does not include any environmental sampling.

Phase I Environmental Site Assesment
Swinomish TEZ Area 1 Phase I ESA (7/1/2008)
Swinomish TEZ Area 2 Phase I ESA (7/28/2009)
Waste Oil Recycling Facility Phase I ESA (6/27/2017)
Swinomsh Front Street Site Phase I ESA
Swinomish Fish Plant & Vicinity Phase I ESA (9/11/2018)

Phase II ESA
A Phase II ESA is a more narrowly focused investigation into possible contaminants of concern. Phase II ESAs include sampling of soils, sediments, ground or surface waters, and materials used at the site. A Phase II ESA informs what, if any actual contamination is found within the site and can be used to guide future actions.

Swinomish Indian Tribal Community Phase II ESA Full Report (9/16/2009)
Swinomish Indian Tribal Community TEZ Area 1 Phase II ESA

Cleanup Actions
A cleanup is when know environmental contaminants are removed and disposed of appropriately from a site. Once a cleanup is successful, a site can be reused on a limited or unrestricted basis depending on the cleanup.

Kukutali LUST
Lime Storage Area Cleanup
Skagit Plastics Cleanup
North End TEZ Creosote Cleanup

Quality Assurance Plans

Quality Assurance Plans (QAP) ensure that data collected during a Phase II or cleanup project are legally defensible, rigorous, and scientifically sound. Quality assurance plans must be updated every five years. The Swinomish Brownfields QAP is undergoing a periodic update at present.

Swinomish Brownfields Assessment Grant Sampling Quality Assurance Plan (9/19/2008)
Swinomish Phase II Environmental Site Assessment SQAP—Revision 2 (7/1/2009)
Addendum to the Swinomish Assessment Grant Quality Assurance Plan—Soil Confirmation Sampling Lime Storage Area 1 (5/18/2011)

Brownfields Public Record


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