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SITC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) conducts weekly bacterial monitoring of six swimming beaches during summer months (June – August) and monitors monthly throughout the rest of the year.
Specifically, we are monitoring for levels of Enterococci, which are a group of bacteria that may indicate the presence of fecal pollution which can cause gastrointestinal illnesses.
  • As of 2004, Enterococci took the place of fecal coliforms as the new federal standard for water quality at saltwater beaches.
  • EPA recommends Enterococci as the best indicator of health risk in saltwater used for recreation.
  • Public will be notified of samples above a beach action value of 60 colonies/100mL.
    • According to Swinomish draft water quality standards, Enterococci levels must not exceed a mean value of 30 colonies/100ml over a 30-day period.
    • Single sample values must not exceed 110 colonies/100ml.
  • Results are given in "most probable number" (or MPN) of colonies present in a sample and is based on the labratory analytical method that we use.
    • Bacterial analyses are conducted in-house in the Swinomish Environmental Lab.
    • In-House analysis provides the quickest turn around in processing samples, and allows us to resample immediately when needed.

Recreational Beaches


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