Land Management

Programs within Land Management include Realty, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Tribal Lands and Groundwater.

The Realty Program provides information and assistance to tribal landowners and the Tribe in matters involving federal trust lands. These matters include a variety of real estate transactions that must comply with complex federal requirements, such as fee to trust transfers, gift deeds, partitionments, sales, leases, rights of way, and the marketing of residential lease lots.

The GIS Program is responsible for providing mapping, analysis, and database support to the Land Management, Planning & Permitting, Environmental Protection and other tribal departments.

The Groundwater Program develops and manages groundwater-related, hydrologic, geologic, and geomorphologic programs and projects. This work is closely tied with the Environmental Protection Department.

The Tribal Land Management Program coordinates the landowner functions of the Tribe. This includes monitoring and tracking Tribally-owed land and related agreements.

Land Management


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