MAY 22, 2024:

Region 1: CLOSED

Region 2: Region 2 East will open for commercial crab harvest at 11:00AM on Thursday, May 23, 2024, and will close at 2:00PM on Friday, May 24,2024. A gear limit of 50 pots per boat is in effect. Aqua tags are required for this fishery

Region 3: CLOSED



*If you see any suspicious or illegal activity during a crab fishery, please contact Swinomish Enforcement at 360-466-2501 so they can investigate.

*The use of mink as bait is only permissible when deployed in a bait jar (for example, a Scotty brand jar), or in a secure mesh bag that is then placed inside the bait basket, such that crab cannot access and cosume the mink. It is prohibited to have uncontained mink in a bait basket or any other container where it can be consumed by crab. If this restriction cannot be followed the use of mink as bait will be outloawed.

PLEASE NOTE: As usual, all gear must be removed from the water before closing time. There are two narrow exceptions; (1) winds above 20 knots if it would be unsafe to carry pots, in which case pots can stay in the water in non-fishing condition until it is safe to carrry them; or (2) mechanical breakdown. If you break down, you need to let Fish & Game Enforcement know right away.

CATCH ACCOUNTING: All harvest must be recorded with the Swinomish Fisheries Department within 48 hours.