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June 8, 2020 - The Youth Center is open with limited hours and new guidelines. Our starting hours are noon-3:00 p.m. with lunch and snack provided. You will need to fill out an application in order for your youth to participate in the Swinomish Youth Center Summer Program. Applications are available in front of the Youth Center or you can download the application here. Place completed form in the return box in front of the Youth Center.

This year’s Swinomish Summer Youth Program is going to be a little different. In order to keep all our children and families as safe as possible, we will need to follow some new policies and guidelines, as noted below. We will start slow the first week and, if that goes well, we will continue to add more hours and students if our COVID-19 cases remain at zero. We will have parents drop students off and perform a temperature check. All of our activities will be outside, so please plan to dress children according to the weather and daily activities. Staff will let parents know when extra clothes are needed due to water activities being involved.

  • All children attending the program will need to be tested prior to their first day of entering the program. Covid-19 tests are available at Skagit Valley College from 9-4pm. The negative test results need to be sent to Angela Ball at (360) 420-3812. Please screenshot the results to her after they are received. Tests for each child will need to be completed every two weeks to stay in the program with negative results sent to Angela every time to keep all our children as safe as possible.
  • A priority list of services will be as follows:
    • Swinomish children of parents who are working outside the home will be given first priority.
    • Swinomish children who are currently enrolled in the program will be given second priority.
    • Swinomish children who would like to enroll in the summer program will be given third priority.
    • A waiting list will be available for anyone else in the community who would like to sign up if space becomes available.

For Youth Center inquires please call Angela Ball at (360) 420.3812 or Barbara James at (360) 391.3985

The Swinomish Youth and Community Center provides a variety of opportunities for youth and the general community. These activities include afterschool snacks, study hall with tutors, arts and crafts activities that enhance cultural awareness and creativity.

Event Space Rental

The Youth Center is available for family gatherings, parties, and community events. A deposit and rental fee is required for non-tribal sponsored events. For reservations and rental fees, please contact Barb James at (360) 466.7202 or email

Youth Center


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Youth Center
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Mon-Fri 10-6 PM
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Youth 2:30-6:30 PM
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