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In accordance with Swinomish Tribal Court Orders CVSO-2020-0011 and CVSO-2020-0013, issued to address concerns during the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency as declared by Swinomish Tribal Senate Resolution 2020-03-042 and amended by Senate Resolutions 2020-03-070, 2020-03-071, 2020-03-073 and 2020-04-076, the Swinomish Tribal Court will be proceeding with some civil and criminal hearings using the Zoom platform. Court hearings held via Zoom will be recorded and retained for the record in accordance with Swinomish Tribal Code and Local Court Rules.

Participants should appear via video if at all possible.

The Tribal Court is working to ensure that the judicial needs of the Swinomish Community are met while also maintaining recommended public health safety measures during this unprecedented time. The health and well-being of the Swinomish community is the first concern, but this also includes ensuring public safety and protecting individual rights. To this end, the Court is working to balance the need to ensure public safety and protect individual rights through necessary judicial processes while protecting the community from the spread of Covid-19.

Proceeding with hearings via Zoom allows the judicial process to continue, while protecting all parties from risk of infection. However, if you are unable to participate via Zoom due to lack of access to a cell phone or to a computer where you can participate in a Zoom meeting, please contact the Court Clerk and/or the Tribal Advocate:

If you have questions about signing up for Zoom or the Swinomish Tribal Court Zoom Hearing process, please contact Court Clerk Blair Page at bpage@swinomish.nsn.us or 360-982-1779.

If you have questions about your court case or the inability to participate via Zoom, please contact Tribal Advocate Laurence Blakely at lblakely@swinomish.nsn.us or 360-708-4493.

To ensure access to scheduled court hearings, it is strongly advised that you create a Zoom account prior to your hearing time.

To ensure future notifications regarding your court case, please provide the Court with updated contact information including the following: Address, Phone Number, Email

Zoom Hearings Information


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