Civil Court Forms

Forms and Form Packets for Civil proceedings in Swinomish Tribal Court


Petitions, Complaints and Motions


Civil Complaint Packet - [$50 Filing Fee]


Civil Complaint for Unluwful Detainer - [$50 Filing Fee]


Name Change - [$15 Filing Fee and Additional Publishing Costs]








Dissolution, Legal Seperation and Child Custody


Dissolution Packet No Children - [$50 Filing Fee]


Dissolution Packet With Children - [$50 Filing Fee]


Petition for Custody - [$50 Filing Fee]


Petition to Modify Parenting Plan - [No Filing Fee]


Domestic Contempt Packet - [No Filing Fee] [Use for filing in your existing case. General purpose of this packet is to alert the Court to what you believe are violations of Orders it has issued.]

Non-Parental Custody Packet - [$50 Filing Fee]









Swinomish BAR Forms


Swinomish BAR Admission Forms Packet - [$25 Filing Fee]


Pattern Notice of Appearance - [No Filing Fee]







Domestic Violence and Elder Protection

Domestic Violence Packet - [No Filing Fee] [See instructions included with this packet for definition of Domestic Violence and who may file these forms.]

Elder Protection Packet - [No Filing Fee]

Non-Domestic Violence Restraining Order Packet - [$50 Filing Fee] [See instructions included with this packet for definition of Non-Domestic Violence Restraint and who may file these forms.]




Guide for using and filiing these forms:

1] Forms are free to use, simply download, print 1 sided and file. Can also be filed by email if there are no fee's involved in filing the case.

2] If the case you are filing requires a fee, fee must be paid at the time of filing. Exceptions for waiving fees can only be made by filing In Forma Pauperis documents available by request from the Clerk Office.

Civil Court Forms


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