Peer-Reviewed Publications

These articles are authored or co-authored by Swinomish staff and published in scholarly journals.

Grossman, S.K., E.E. Grossman, J.S. Barber, S.K. Gamblewood and S.C. Crosby. 2020. Distribution and transport of Olympia oyster (Ostrea lurida) larvae in northern Puget Sound, Washington. Journal of Shellfish Research 39(2): 215-233.PDF_icon_sm PDF


Donatuto, J., L. Campbell and W. Trousdale. 2020. The "value" of values-driven data in identifying Indigenous health and climate change priorities. Climate Change, 158(2020):161-180. PDF_icon_sm PDF

Rohlman, D., J. Donatuto, M. Heidt, M. Barton, L. Campbell, K.A. Anderson and M.L. Kile. 2019. A case study describing a community-engaged approach for evaluating polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposure in a Native American community. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 16(3): 327.        PDF_icon_sm PDF

Barber, J.S., C.P. Ruff, J.T. McArdle, L.L. Hunter, C.A. Speck, D.W. Rogers and C.M. Greiner. 2019. Intertidal clams exhibit population synchrony across spatial and temporal scales. Limnology and Oceanography 64(2019): S284-S300.PDF_icon_sm PDF

Greiner, C.M., T. Klinger, J. Ruesink, J.S. Barber, and M. Horwith. 2018. Habitat effects of macrophytes and shell on carbonate chemistry and juvenile clam recruitment, survival, and growth. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 509(2018): 8-15.PDF_icon_sm PDF

Poe, M.R., J. Donatuto, and T. Satterfield. 2016. “Sense of Place”: Human wellbeing considerations for ecological restoration in Puget Sound. Coastal Management 44(5): 1-18.

Donatuto, J., L. Campbell, R. and R. Gregory. 2016. Developing responsive indicators of indigenous community health. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 13(9):899.PDF_icon_sm PDF

Breslow, S. J., B. Sojka, R. Barnea, X. Basurto, C. Carothers, S. Charnley, S. Coulthard, N. Dolšak, J. Donatuto, C. García-Quijano, C.C. Hicks, A. Levine, M. M. Masica, K. Norman, M. Poe, T. Satter, K. St. Martin, and P. S. Levin. 2016. Conceptualizing and operationalizing human wellbeing for ecosystem assessment and management. Environmental Science and Policy. In press.

Barber, J.S., J.E. Dexter., S.K. Grossman, C.M. Greiner, and J.T. McArdle. 2016. Low temperature brooding of Olympia oysters (Ostrea lurida) in northern Puget Sound. Journal of Shellfish Research 35(2): 351-357.PDF_icon_sm PDF

Rybczyk, J.M., A.F. Hamlet, C. MacIlroy, and L. Wasserman. 2016. Introduction to the Skagit Issue-from glaciers to estuary: Assessing climate change impacts on the Skagit River Basin. Northwest Science 90(1): 1-4.

Hicks, C.C., A. Levine, A. Agrawal, X. Basurto, S.J. Breslow, C. Carothers, S. Charnley, S. Coulthard, N. Dolsak, J. Donatuto, C. Garcia-Quijano, M.B. Mascia, K. Norman, M.R. Poe, T. Satterfield, K. St. Martin, and P.S. Levin. 2016. Engage key social concepts for sustainability. Science 352(6281): 38-40.

Gaydos, J.K., S. Thixton, and J. Donatuto. 2015. Evaluating threats in multinational marine ecosystems: A coast Salish First Nations and tribal perspective. PloS one 10(12): 0144861. PDF_icon_sm PDF

McOliver, C.A., A.K. Camper, J.T. Doyle, M.J. Eggers, T.E. Ford, M.A. Lila, J. Berner, L. Campbell, and J. Donatuto. 2015. Community-based research as a mechanism to reduce environmental health disparities in American Indian and Alaska native communities. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 12(4): 4076-4100. PDF_icon_sm PDF

Donatuto, J., E. Grossman, J. Konovsky, S. Grossman and L.W. Campbell. 2014. Indigenous community health and climate change: Integrating biophysical and social science indicators. Coastal Management 42(4): 355-373. PDF_icon_sm PDF

Ranco, D.J., C.A. O'Neill, J. Donatuto, and B.L. Harper. 2011. Environmental justice, American Indians and the cultural dilemma: developing environmental management for tribal health and well-being. Environmental Justice 4(4) 221-230. PDF_icon_sm PDF

Donatuto, J.L., T.A. Satterfield, and R. Gregory. 2011. Poisoning the body to nourish the soul: Prioritising health risks and impacts in a Native American community. Health, Risk & Society 13(2):103-127.

Donatuto, J., and B.L. Harper. 2008. Issues in evaluating fish consumption rates for Native American tribes. Risk Analysis 28(6): 1497-1506.

Mitchell, T.A., 2005. Native uses of wetlands and natural resources planning: The Swinomish Tribal Community's wetlands cultural assessment. Practicing Anthropology 27(1): 11-14. PDF_icon_sm PDF

Judd, N.L., C.H. Drew, C. Acharya, Marine Resources for Future Generations, T.A. Mitchell, J.L. Donatuto, G.W. Burns, T.M. Burbacher, and E.M. Faustman. 2005. Framing scientific analyses for risk management of environmental hazards by communities: Case studies with seafood safety issues. Environmental Health Perspectives 113(11): 1502-1508. PDF_icon_sm PDF

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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