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March 9, 2023 – Is it over yet? Are we are done with COVID-19?
Unfortunately, no. We have reached this point in the fight due to historic investments and efforts to mitigate its worst impacts, but addressing COVID-19 will remain a significant public health priority.

Deaths and hospitalizations have dropped considerably thanks to vaccines and masking; however, the virus still poses a great threat with more than 2,000 COVID-related deaths per week in the U.S. Large studies show a significant risk increase for stroke and heart attack in adults the year following infection, but the vast majority of people who are becoming severely ill and dying from COVID are elderly.

Masking and vaccinations protect you and our entire community. It is imperative we continue to PROTECT OUR ELDERS.

COVID vaccinated people who receive an updated vaccine are 14 times less likely to die compared to those who receive no vaccine at all, and three times less likely to die compared to those who received only the original vaccine.

Everyone aged 12 and over who received their last COVID vaccine dose before September 2022 needs an updated booster dose. If you are not sure when your last vaccine was, visit or call your healthcare provider to find out.

Call the Swinomish COVID Helpline at (360) 588-2771 for information and supplies, including masks and home test kits.

GET VACCINATED! Call the Swinomish Medical Clinic to schedule your appointment today: (360) 466- 3167

Got COVID? Call you healthcare provider or visit 19/treatments/telehealth for treatment.

Thank you for protecting yourself and our community,
Swinomish Public Health Team

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Coronavirus: Information & Updates