Recommendations For Subsistence Consumption

Recommendations for subsistence consumption*

Puget Sound finfish such as salmon should be limited to one meal per week, including the different types of fish caught in different seasons. Risk drivers are PCBs, mercury, and arsenic.

Women of child-bearing age (14 - 49 years old) may be able to eat two meals per week (one salmon and one clam or crab, preferably from yellow sites).

Children can also eat two meals a week (one salmon and one clam or crab only from yellow sites), assuming a smaller portion size.

Adult males and women past child-bearing age can add another meal per week, for example two salmon meals and one of either clam or crab from yellow or orange sites, or vice versa. Three seafood meals is the upper limit for everyone.

Preferably no tuna for anyone because it has high levels of mercury, which is extremely toxic.

For serving size, an average serving is considered to be an 8-ounce meal. Two 8-ounce meals per week are equal to one pound of seafood per week.

* These recommendations are based on calculations for people who live at Swinomish and harvest and/or eat shellfish from these locations for their entire lives. Their recommendations are not intended for use in commercial harvests.



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Recommendations For Subsistence Consumption


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